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 Georgia Urban Media Network ( GUMNet ) Advertising
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Web site marketing
Directory listing and ad distribution across the network targeting your location.
We add your listings on all selected websites. We dispaly standard size banner ads across all sites. You can target your ads to appear in select cities or states to maximize response.
Event Promotion       $2 and up per day till event date
Business Listing       $150 and up for 6 month listing
The banner ads will be served at $5 Cost per 1000 ad servings. Specific number of ads served may vary based on your total budget and cities targeted
Other media & marketing
Offline Media             Discount rates & Package deals
Find our media packages and partner deals to reach your prospects. One stop shop to buy print, tv, radio, LCD screen, event sponsorship, PR & Marketing services.

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Network Partners:
  • GumNet.Info partners - Radio One's HotspotATL
  • GumNet.Info partners - Radio One's MagicATL
  • GumNet.Info partners - Radio One's MyPraiseATL
  • GumNet.Info partners - Charlottes Web of Associates
  • GumNet.Info partners - The Atlanta Voice
  • GumNet.Info partners - Palace Music Group
  • GumNet.Info partners - The Spirit Of Sweet Auburn
  • Georgia Urban Media Network